Discovery box - The Classic: 3 beef and 3 chicken


The discovery box contains 6 meal boosters of 3 oxen and 3 chickens. A perfect combination to satiate your dog. Versatile for any use: garnish, snack, short walk, picnic, hiking, enrichments, Kong, licking mats, interactive toys, etc.

Delight your canine companion with our fresh meal booster made from premium meat. Prepared with love and care, this tempting recipe will add a touch of deliciousness to his meals and is sure to please him. Your dog deserves the best that nature has to offer!


BEEF: Lean ground beef, carrot, broccoli, sweet potato, fish oil, ground turmeric, sea kelp.

CHICKEN: Lean ground chicken, apple, choice of Brussel, red cabbage, pasta, peas, spinach.


Each sachet contains approximately 20 spoons of soup.

For each meal, here is the weight and suggested quantity:

1-10 lbs: 1.5-2 tbsp. of soup

11-25 lbs: 2-3 tbsp. of soup

26-44 lbs: 3-4 tbsp. of soup

45-100 lbs: 4-5 tbsp. of soup

Duration of the discovery box of 6 meal boosters if 1 meal per day for consecutive days:

2 tbsp/meal: 60 uses ≈ 2 months

3 tbsp/meal: 40 uses ≈ 1.5 months

4 tbsp/meal: 30 uses ≈ 1 month

5 tbsp/meal: 24 uses ≈ 1 month



Crude proteins

22% minimum


4% minimum

Raw fibers

1% maximum


74% maximum


Crude proteins

12% minimum


3% minimum

Raw fibers

0.5% maximum


74% maximum