Dog wafer (pack of 6)


🍁 Dive into our special menu chien chomeur dog wafer – Homemade dog cake to delight your doggie’s taste buds! 🍁

Celebrate the sugar shack spirit with our unique Dog Wafer , lovingly concocted by Chien Gourmand for the happiness of your faithful companion!

This dessert for dogs is made up of a tasty wafer topped with peanut cream and carob chips, carefully prepared in our Chien Gourmand kitchen. Like a homemade dog biscuit, it's an irresistible taste experience for your dog.

Characteristics of the Dog Wafer:

  • Exclusive Chien Gourmand recipe : A special dog dessert inspired by the gourmet pleasure of the sugar shack.
  • Dessert made with love : Each wafer is carefully prepared in our Chien Gourmand kitchen, without preservatives or additives.
  • Quality Ingredients : Premium ingredients, unbleached flour, eggs, natural coloring, peanut butter and maple, ensuring a tasty and nutritious experience.
  • Easy storage : Each wafer can be stored in the freezer and can be defrosted one by one before serving. Like a homemade dog biscuit in a cupboard, these can be stored in the freezer!
  • Limited edition : Available for a limited time, don't miss this opportunity to treat your dog to an exceptional treat!

Why choose our dog wafer:

  • Share the joy of the moment : Create special memories with your dog by sharing this unique and delicious treat.
  • A cake for dogs : Rich in flavor, our dog wafer offers a combination of pleasure and nutrition.
  • Incomparable taste : A delicacy that combines tradition and culinary creativity, guaranteeing satisfaction in every bite. Approved by our CEO and chef Sidor himself!
  • Special menu for the month of March : Pay tribute to the unemployed spirit with this exclusive Chien Gourmand offer.


Thaw and serve. Ideal as a special treat, dog biscuit, dog dessert or as a supplement to your dog's diet.

Perfect for all breeds and sizes.

Celebrate indulgence with us and our special canine menu Gaufrette Chien Chômeur! This exquisite delicacy is lovingly prepared for your pooch.

Limited quantity – order now! Limited quantity – order now!

FAQ – chien chomeur dog wafer

Can dogs eat natural peanut butter?

Yes, natural peanut butter is generally safe for dogs in moderate amounts. It can be a delicious source of protein and healthy fats.

Is this dog dessert suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, our wafer is designed to be enjoyed by dogs of all breeds.

Ingredients: Unbleached flour, eggs, natural peanut butter, filtered water, natural coloring.

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