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Lamb Meal Booster

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Enrich your dog's food range with our exquisite lamb meal booster from Chien Gourmand. Specially concocted for lovers of fine meats, this luxurious and protein-rich accompaniment transforms each meal into an extraordinary taste adventure for your pet. Lamb, known for its nutritional benefits, is at the heart of this formula developed to meet the needs of dogs with the most demanding palates.

Why choose our lamb meal booster?

We firmly believe that every dog ​​deserves the highest quality food. Our lamb meal booster is the perfect addition to regular kibble, transforming it into an exquisite delicacy that excites your companion's appetite. Easy to prepare, simply defrost and serve, it enriches your dog's diet while making every meal special. With Chien Gourmand's lamb meal booster, offer your dog the best food, enriched with the nutritional and taste benefits of lamb.

Delight your four-legged friend with our meal booster, made from the best lamb meats. Prepared with devotion, this gourmet blend will enrich your dog's meals, guaranteeing satisfaction. Your dog deserves the best nature has to offer!

High quality ingredients

This meal booster stands out for the richness and diversity of its components, all chosen for their excellence and their contribution to a healthy diet:

  • Lean Ground Lamb : Primary source of protein, providing a wealth of nutrients.
  • Selected vegetables and fruits : Carrot, broccoli, and blueberries for optimal intake of vitamins and minerals.
  • Beneficial supplements : Brown rice, fish oil rich in omega-3, and parsley for their nutritional and digestive properties.

Optimal nutritional values

  • Crude Protein : An impressive level of at least 19% to support your dog's energy and muscle mass.
  • Fats : A controlled quantity of 7% for a balanced diet.
  • Crude fiber : No more than 1% to ensure easy digestion.
  • Humidity : Maintained below 69% to preserve the freshness of the product.

Eco-responsible commitment

We are proud to announce that our packaging is fully recyclable, as part of our commitment to a greener future.

Offer your dog the pinnacle of canine gastronomy with our Lamb Meal Booster. Prepared with love in our Chien Gourmand kitchen, this gourmet blend will delight your companion's taste buds, offering them joy and satisfaction at every meal. The superior quality of our lamb and the careful preparation guarantee a first choice food supplement for your animal. Don't wait any longer to enrich your dog's diet with our lamb meal booster, an exceptional recipe dedicated to his pleasure!

Recommendations from Chef Sidor

Incorporate the lamb meal booster into your dog's kibble for a highly flavorful meal that will promote their well-being and vitality. To keep the product fresh longer, store it in the refrigerator and use it within 4-5 days after opening.

Portion Size Guide

Follow our portion guide based on your dog's weight for simple and effective integration into their food routine, ensuring balanced nutrition.

Each sachet contains approximately 20 spoons of soup.

For each meal, here is the weight and suggested quantity:
1-10 lbs: 1.5-2 tbsp. of soup
11-25 lbs: 2-3 tbsp. of soup
26-44 lbs: 3-4 tbsp. of soup
45-100 lbs: 4-5 tbsp. of soup

Guaranteed analysis

Crude proteins: 19% minimum

Fat: 7% minimum

Raw fibers: 1% maximum

Humidity: 69% maximum


Lean ground lamb, carrot, broccoli, blueberries, brown rice, fish oil, parsley.

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